News 2009

  • 26.-27.12.2009 ESPANJAa, Valensia Nat & INT
    WASHINGTON (Trick or Treat) 1 in the National competition BOB Puppy and 1 in the International competition BOB Puppy

  • 24.12.2009
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  • 19.-20.12.2009 Liethunia, Vilna INT
    20.12. Liethunia, Vilna INT
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best female, CC, cacib & BOB
    MOCHA (Magic Mocha) 1/1 CC
    19.12. Liethunia, Vilna INT Tuomari Hans van den berg
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Female 1, CC, cacib & BOB & Liethunia Champion
    MOCHA (Magic Mocha) Best Female 2, sertti, res-cacib

  • 13.12.2009 Helsinki INT NORDIC WINNER 2009 Tuomari Theo Leenen
    BONDY (As You Know My Name) Best Male 3, res-CC, NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER 2009
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Female 4.

  • 10.12.2009 Next Curlyco litter is expected to be born on January 2010.
    COCO (Charming Choice) had an ultra check and we got happy news, she is pregnant! Father of this litter is a male from U.S who is now a days living in Australia; WhisleStop Special Agent “Gibbs”.

    Puppies will be ready for their new homes in march. If you are interested, pls call me or send an e-mail +358 40 7190996

  • 29.11.2009 29.11.2009 Holland, Amsterdam Winner show Judge Bo Skalin, Finland
    This Show enty 13 IWS ( Hungary, Austria, Finland & Holland)
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best female, Cc, Cacib & Amsterdam Winner 2009
    Thanks Mary lovely cityround ;)

  • 20-22.11.2009 Croatia Zagreb
    I was last time in Zagreb during year 2007 in European Winner Show ( Jimi is BOB & Mocha BOS). Now we were there again making a short show trip. SUNNY (Riverdance) & PAJATSO (Win Out) mother & sonwere on the road together

    In Zagreb was 3 shows in 3 days, First a speciality show for FCI 7&8, Saturday was an international show (Crufts G) and on Sunday was Zagreb Winner 2009.

    On Friday in speciality show Sunny was Bob. Pajatso & Sunny took part also first time to pair conpetition and they did great, mon & son were BIS 3. pair

    Pajatso got Saturday International Champion tittle (C.I.B). He is now 8. International championbred by me :o)

    On Sunday Pajatso is BOB ans Sunny was Best Bitch.Both became also HR CH ( Croatia champion) and Zagreb Winner 2009. Pajatso also Group 3. On Sunday :o)

    Huge congrants to Hanski, Pajatso’s co.-owner! Some sparking will be served again :o)

    22.11.2009 Kroatia, Zagreb, Judge Barbara Muller, (CH)
    PAJATSO (Win Out) CC,Cacib, HR CH & Zagreb Winner 09, BOB and Group 3.
    SUNNY (Riverdance) CC, Cacib,HR CH & Zagreb Winner 09,

    22.11.2009 Kroatia, Zagreb, Judge Lisbeth Mach, (CH)
    PAJATSO (Win Out) CC,Cacib, BOB and NEW International Champion!
    SUNNY (Riverdance) CC, Cacib,

    22.11.2009 Kroatia, Zagreb, Judge Carole Wood (GB)
    PAJATSO (Win Out) Very Good
    SUNNY (Riverdance) CC and BOB

    PAJATSO (Win Out) & SUNNY (Riverdance) BIS 3. pair

  • 14.11.2009 Sweden, inofficiell utställning Judgei Ove Germundsson, Sweden
    FIRA (Touch of Magic) BOB- puppy and lovely critic ,o) “7,5 month old bitch of the correct model. Marvelous head and expression. Excellent neck, strong back of good length. Very well shaped forechest and ribcage. Excellent legs and paws. Typical angulation and movment. Excellent coat and color. Very promissing in all points.” Good jobb Fira & Susanne!

  • 11.11.2009 MATED - Puppies expected in january 2010
    Sire: AM & AUST CH Whistlestop's Special Agent CD RN CGC "Gibbs"
    Dam FI & NO & HU & EST MVA Curlyco Charmin Choice "Coco"
    Torin’s only daughter in Europe is now mated!
    More info in puppies-pages.

  • 7.-8.11.2009 Estonia, Tarto 2 x INT Show

    8.11.2009 breed & group judge Lidija Oklescen
    BONDY (As You Know My Name) Best male,CC,CACIB, BOS
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best female2, Res-Cacib
    COCO (Charming Choice) Best female 1, CC,CACIB,BOB, EST CH and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION (C.I.B).

    Coco was best female, got CAC and CACIB and was BOB. She became also an Estonian Champion and an International Champion! In group 8, she was among 6 best dogs. Coco is my 7th International Champion. Huge congratulations for Coco’s new titles, we will celebrate this a bit later!

    7.11.2009 breedjudge Bjarne Sorensen,Group judge Jose Homem De Mello , Portugal
    BONDY (As You Know My Name) Best male,CC,CACIB, BOS
    COCO (Charming Choice) Good
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best female 1, CC,CACIB,BOB, EST CH, & Group 2.

    Bondy got his first CACIB from abroad and Sunny became an Estonian Champion. Sunny was also BIG2!

  • 7.11.2009 Norja Tuomari Kurt Nilsson
    JALA (Att the Moment) Best Female1, BOB winning also champion dogs although she is still so young. Good jobb & congratulation Jala & Maret

  • 30.10.2009 Sweden Tuomari Gitte Finnich Pedersen, Denmark
    FIRA (Touch of Magic) was in her second dogshow BEST IN SHOW 2.- puppy in age of 7 months! J Congratulations, great job Susanne!

  • 11.10.2009 STORM - USA:n show champion muotovalio ( US CH)
    STORM (Arctic Storm) was taking part in 3 shows in US at the same time we were in World Winner Show in Slovakia.

    SORM was 3 times BOB and became an American Show Champion! He became an champion just few hours before his brother Bondy did so Storm became a first champion in my A-litter! CONGRATULATIONS, very well done Storm & Colleen!

  • 10-11.10.2009 Slovakkia, Bratislava WORLD WINNER SHOW & National show

    11.10.2009 WORLD WINNER SHOW 2009 judge Rui Oliveira, Portugali
    BONDY (As You Know My Name) CC, Slovakkian junior Champion, JUNIOR WINNER SHOW (JWW-09), BOB-JUNIOR
    ILO (A Double Diamon) exellent, Junior class 2.
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Championclass1,CC. CACIB, Slovakkian Champion, WORLD WINNER SHOW 2009, & BEST OF BREED!
    Sunny did just so great and won the BOB title. Sunny’s son was BOB-junior and Sunny’s daughter was 2nd in junior class. Now is there is Junior World Winners in both Sunny’s litters!

    kuva: Pia Petman

    10.10.2009 Bratislava, Slovakkia National Show. Tuomari Janek Ludovit, CR
    BONDY (As You Know My Name) Excellent,CC, BEST OF BREED (BOB
    ILO (A Double Diamon) Very Good 1.
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Excellent 1, CC, BOS

  • 12.9.2009 Porvoo KR / Nat
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Female 2 tuomari / Judge Evelyn Hurley, Ireland
    SKIDI (Singing Fox) Junior class VG tuomari /Judge Malgorzata Supronowicz, Puola

  • 30.8.2009 Tervakoski INT – Judge Marjo Jaakkola
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Female 3.

  • 30.8 Trondhein, Norway – Judge Barbara Müller, Switzerland
    JALA (Att the Moment) 1. HP

  • 29.82009 Trondhein, Norja - Judge Massimilliano Mannucci, Italia
    JALA (Att the Moment) BF, CAC and BOS! Congratulations Jala & Maret for your first CAC!

  • 29.8.2009 Obedience test
    PAJATSO (Win Out) Oppen class 3. prize

  • 6.8.2009 Finnish Dog Breeder´s Club´s Annual charity Match Show
    SUNNY (Riverdance) GROPUP 1 - judge Juha Palosaari,
    BEST IN SHOW 3. -Judge Kirsti Bremer & Juha Palosaari

  • 4.8.2009 Tracking test Ilmajoki, judge Torsten Lenstrand
    SUNNY (Riverdance) & PAJATSO (Win Out) started in very hot weather to this test

    SUNNY (Riverdance) open class 1. st prize, 40 points. Now she is allowed to start in winner class
    PAJATSO (Win Out) open class 1. st prize, 44 points. Pajatso was also best dog in the test!

  • 2.8.2009 Iisalmi INT , judge Eeva Rautala
    COOP (Choco Storm) BOB

  • 29.7.2009 Healt result from Norway
    JALA (Att the Moment) hips B and elbows A

  • 18.7.2009 Obedience test Köyliö, Judge Ilkka Stén
    PAJATSO (Win Out) First class (beginners) 1. st prize, 171 points.
    Congratulations for Pajatso and Hanski for gaining TK1! And good luck to further challenges!

  • 12.7.2009 Puppy Show
    SKIDI (Singing Fox) BOB-puppy and BIG1! (Kuva)
    Huge congrats Skidi & Niina!

  • 5.7.2009 Tracking test Nokia Tottijärvi, judge Heikki Kulo
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Open class – (deers run through our track so I decided to stopp the test)
    PAJATSO (Win Out) Open class 2. nd prize (36 points)

  • 4.7.2009 Obedience test Ikaalinen, Judge Marko Puranen
    PAJATSO (Win Out) First class (beginners) 3. rd prize, 121 points. .

  • 27.-28.6.2909 Norway, Trondheim

    28.6.2009 INT Trondheim, judge Agnes Ganami Kertes, Israel Our judge has been judging IWSs in many countries and also f. ex. World Winner 2003. In this show was 8 IWSs entered. Thank you Kati for nice trip!

    COCO (Charming Choice) Best Female 1 CAC CACIB BOB and NO Ch!
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Female 2 and res-CACIB
    JALA (Att the Moment) in juniorclass Best Female 3

    Coco’s BOB was really great, now she has also a CACIB from abroad in addition to new champion title. Congratulations to Coco’s family!

    27.6.2009 Norway, Trondheim. Spaniel Club’s show, judge Kari Granaas Hansen We had an interesting day, while we were waiting BIS-rings to start, we trained to change tyres to a big car… :)

    COCO (Charming Choice) Best Female 2, CAC
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Female 1, BOB and BIS 3 with an fabulous critique!

  • 27.6.2009 Obedience test Salo, Judge Hannele Pörsti
    PAJATSO (Win Out) First class (beginners) 1. st prize, 163 points.

  • 16.6.2009 Health result USA
    STORM (Arctic Storm) was in official eye examination in US and result was clean eyes. His results will be found in OFFa’s webpage.

  • 14.6.2009 Traking test Kihniö judge Kiristiina Erikkilä
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Open class 3. prize and 27p .
    PAJATSO (Win Out) Open class 3. prize and 20p.

  • 11.6.2009 Obedience test Turku, Judge Ilkka Stén
    PAJATSO (Win Out) First class (beginners) 3. rd prize, 133 points.

  • 7.6.2009 Tracking test, Kaatamo, judge Matti Hirvonen
    SUNNY (Riverdance) started early in the morning and her result was 1. st prize in Open class (41 points)!

  • 6.-7.6.2009 Tracking test, Kannus (Finnish IWS)
    COOP (Choco Storm) started in tracking test right after he came back from Ireland.

    6.6 judge Jouni Simonen, result 1 st prize in winner class (40 points).

    7.6. judge Juha Karlström, 0-result in winner class (test stopped by the owner). COOP (Choco Storm) won also a trophy “CurlyCo Winner – tracking prize” to best winner class dog which I have donated.

    Congratulations Coop & Nina!

  • 4.6.2009 Finnish dog breeder’s association had 1. st ACADEMY OF DOG BREEDERS

    I had a joy to participate to this academy which gave us a lot of new information. Many thanks to all our coaches and other participants for this great year of experiences!

  • 26.5.-.3.6.09 Trip to Dublin, Ireland, Irish breed special show & European Winner show 2009
    We started our trip to Dublin 26. may and back home we were 3. june. With me on this long trip was traveling f. ex. COOP (Choco Storm) and SUNNY (Riverdance).

    It was so nice to see friends from all over the world again and show my breeding work in breed’s home country! In these shows was different dogs entered in both days, Sunny was both days best female 2 which was super!
  • 1.6.2009 Dublin - European Winner show, judge Luis Pinto Texeira.
    COOP (Choco Storm) working class 2.
    SUNNY (Riverdance) RES-CC female, RES-Green Star
  • 31.5.2009 Dublin Irish breed special show - Judge NICK WATERS (kennel Zanfi)
    COOP (Choco Storm) open class3.
    SUNNY (Riverdance) RES-CC female.

kuvaaja: Katariina Kahri

kuvaaja: Katariina Kahri

  • 31.5.2009 Puppu show in Helsinki (Results
    Breed & Group judge Karin Bergbom.

    SKIDI (Singing Fox) tax was first time in a dog show with her owner Nina. Skidi was BOB-puppy and BIG3! Very well done first timers Skidi & Niina! ;o)

  • 24.5.2009 Blood tracking tests Elimäki, Judge Aila Pekkarinen
    SUNNY (Riverdance) started on very rainy weekend first time in Traking test Her result was Open class 2 prize.

    Nyt on PAJATSO (Win Out) has a pedigree in which in 4 generation is TRAKING TEST prize ( CurlyCo Win Out - Curlyco Riverdance - Starfish's First Lady- Starfish's Rain Song) ;o)

  • 22.5.2009 T-litter has left to new homes.
    You can meet them in Tammisaari (Finland), Sweden and Spain
    TINKKER (True Thinker) lives in Tammisaari with Ville ja Meri Seppälä
    WASHINGTON (Trick or Treat) lives in Spain with Silvia Pinho Lazo & Paul Foster
    FIRA (Touch of Magic) Sweden and is co-owned with Susanne Nilsson, kennel Jocose.

  • 16.5.2009 Varkaus group show, judge Matti Tuominen
    ILO (A Double Diamon) junior class VG1.

  • 9.5.2009 IWS Club-show, Pälkäne Finlande
    Judge: Christine Attwood (kennel Doonbeg), Great-Britan

    I was still on my way back to home from USA when an IWS clubshow was held in Finland. Many thanks to all people helping with my dogs and dog owners in this show!

    BONDY (As You Know My Name) Very good 2.
    COOP (Choco Storm) Exellent 2.
    PAJATSO (Win Out) Very good 2.
    ENYA (Ace Of Hearts) Very good 1.
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Exellent

  • 30.4.-10.5.09 USA - Seattle IWS Speciality
    My long time dream came true and I got the chance to travel to IWS Speciality in USA. This promise I made already in year 2006 and now it came true. Of course at that time I didn’t know that a dog bred by me would compete in the show… It was so nice to see friends all over the world in this IWS show!
  • 4.5.2009
    STORM (Arctic Storm) started his career in dogshows and he was Winner Dog! He got maximum amount of points from one show and got 5 points needed to champion title. It was so great to be there when this happened and I am quite sure that we will hear from this young man again… ;) In next day’s shows Storm was either a class winner or second in his class. Many thanks again to Colleen & Jack McDaniel (kennel Whistle Stop) for your hospitality and thanks also to all of you who did organize the Speciality show! You did great job! Here you can find some fabulous photos taken by Jaremy Kezer:

    Here you can find some fabulous photos taken by Jaremy Kezer, here!

  • 2.5.2009 Tohmajärvi group show, judge Soile Bister
    ILO (A Double Diamon) junior class VG1.

  • 26.4.2009 Obedience test Mariehamn, Judge Ralf Björklund
    PAJATSO (Win Out) First class (beginners) 2. nd prize, 156 points. .

  • 25.4.2009 Obedience test Mariehamn, Judge Ralf Björklund
    PAJATSO (Win Out) First class (beginners) 3. rd prize, 132 points.

  • 19.4.2009 Sipoo Group Show, judge Eeva Resko (FI)

    GRAINNE (Aurora Borealis) VG1
    COCO (Charming Choice) BF2, CAC FI Ch
    SUNNY (Riverdance) BF1, BOB
    Thanks again to Anett helping in ring and huge congrats to Coco’s family for the new champion! Sparking will be served again… :)

  • 18.4.2009 Simpele Group Show, judge Raija Tammelin
    A-litter started in first official dogshow in the age of 9 months and 2 days. And the results were just great, Rokka won his beautiful mom so breeding is going forward ;o)

    ROKKA (Absolute Shake) BM1, CAC, BOB, BIG-4
    ILO (A Double Diamon) VG1
    COCO (Charming Choice) VG1
    SUNNY (Riverdance) BF1 BOS
    The crown for the day was kennel CurlyCo to be BIS1 breeder class! (Judge Soile Bister, FI)

  • 18.4.2009 Odedience test, Helsinki
    PAJATSO (Win Out) started in his first official obedience test. ard work is now paying back, result 190 points out of 200, honour prize and first in the class! Huge congrats Pajatso and Hanski and good luck to your next competitions!

    If I remember correct, there is only one dog in our breed having higher points than this – and it was Pajatso’s grandmom and points 195 :)

  • 12-13.4.2009 Holland – IWS Speciality & INT Dog Shows
    I visited briefly in beautiful Holland in IWS special show where was entered 35 Irish Waterspaniels. It was a pleasure to meet again friends all over the Europe and see nice amount of dogs, old already known and also new ones! Great thanks to people arranging the speciality show, you succeeded very well!

    Thanks again also to my travelling company, we had a great trip!
  • 13.4.2009 Holland Paashow – Leeuwarden International Dog Show, judge Hannele Jokisilta (FI), group Adrichem Bogaert – Kwint, Holland
    SUNNY (Riverdance) excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG-3
  • 12.4.2009 Holland IWS Speciality, judge R. Lochs-Romans
    SUNNY (Riverdance) workingclass 3

  • 7.4.2009 Health result
    PAJATSO (Win Out) elbow results came from FKC panel and the result was as expected: 0/0

  • 4.4.2009 Puppy Expo –show in Helsinki, judge Elena Ruskovaara (breed and group)
    BONDY (As You Know My Name) BM1 hp, BOB-puppy, BIG-2
    ILO (A Double Diamon) BF1 hp, BOS-puppy
    ENYA (Ace Of Hearts) BF3 kp
    Great day, Bondy placed himself in group competition to second place!
    Next step to A-litter will be official classes.

  • 26.3.2009 New CurlyCo litter was born T-litter
    Aquatikus Freedom Pass x INT & NORD & FI & S(n) & DK & SVK & HR & EE & RUS Ch EUW-03 KBHW-04, RKFW-07 EUW-07 CurlyCo Magic Mocha

    All the puppies have loving homes waiting for them.

  • 21.3.2009 Imatra Group Show
    ILO (A Double Diamon) BOB-puppy.
    TARO (Chocolate Shot) BM1, CAC, BOB and FINNISH & ESTONIAN Champion!

    Thanks again for the handler and congratulation to Taro’s family from this new double champion! Sparking will be served in next show…

  • 15.3.2009 Tampere International Dog Show, judge Peter Beyersdorf (DE)
    SUNNY (Riverdance) first time in the ring after A-litter and result; BF1, CACIB and BOS PAJATSO (Win Out) started this year in show rings really well, Pajatso was BM1 and got CACIB and CAC so he became FINNISH & NORWEGIAN & DENMARK & NORDIC Champion at the same time!

    In best of breed –ring there was a competition between mother and son - and finally Pajatso was BOB. Huge congrats Pajatso and Hanski! Some sparkling is waiting and I guess we will also get some champion-cake in next show…?

  • 8.3.2009 Kuopio Group Show, judge Eeva Anttinen (FI)
    ILO (A Double Diamon) again BOB-puppy! Great weekend Ilo & Kukkis!

  • 7.3.2009 Valkeala Group Show, judge Leila Kärkäs (FI)
    ILO (A Double Diamon) was showing herself very well. She got a nice critic and was a BOB-puppy.

  • 28.2.2009 Pheasant training, Maaninka
    ILO (A Double Diamon) went to train pheasant hunting. Although Ilo is still quite young, she tracked very well a big injured pheasant cock. Well done Ilo and Kukkis! Now we just have to wait for autumn to come…

  • 24.2.2009 MOST WINNING WORKING & SHOW IWS DOG in Finland 2008!
    COOP (Choco Storm) is the most winning working and show IWS dog in year 2008 in Finland. This is a huge accomplishment for a young dog who was competing his first year in official classes! Thank you all who have helped with Coop in his way to success!

    SUNNY (Riverdance) placed her to 6. place although she was having mothernityleave over six months. Also several other young CurlyCo dogs had nice points in this competition although they did not have the maximum amount of shows. Thank you owners!

  • 19.2.2009 MOCHA is pregnant!
    We were in ultrasound with MOCHA (Magic Mocha) and she is pregnant. Puppies are expected to be born in the end of March.

  • 15.2.2009 Estonia, Tallinn International Dog Show,
    judge Göran Bodegård (SE) (Both breed and group)

    TARO (Chocolate Shot) first trip to abroad with Arja. The judge was same as we had in Finnish Winner -08 dogshow. Taro was BOB and got an Estonian CAC and CACIB. Taro did also place himself in a group competition and he was BIG-4. Congratulations Taro and Arja, welldone!

  • 31.1.2009 Raahe Group Show, judge Paula Rekiranta (FI)
    COOP (Choco Storm) BOB

  • 26.1.2009 In Memoriam: Starfish First Lady 24.7.1997 – 26.1.2009
    NEKKU (Starfish First lady) is passed away. In early morning hours you slept peacefully away, in almost 12 years of age. You lived such a full life your whole life! I wish this is the way every dog could leave this world when the time comes. Nekku, you are a dog who will remain in my and also many other people’s mind forever!

  • 17.1.2009 Norge - puppyshow