We are searching for breeding partners all the time and CurlyCo dogs are used for breeding also abroad. We are also searching for cooperative families for co-owning. You can contact me already when you are just planning to have a dog some day!

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  • 18.6.2013 Irish water spaniel -litter has born in June
    Puppies are ready for new homes on August

  • 9.5.2013 Wirehaired Dachshunds X-Fox -litter has born
    Still two more puppies available (19.6.2013)

  • 6.1.2013 Wirehaired Dachshunds W-Fox -litter has born
    Last night has 1 male and 3 female puppies born from CurlyCo W-Fox-litter.

  • IWS litter has born 10.04.2012
    I am proud to announce that out latest IWS litter has born 10.04.2012. This litter is very special to me and I couldn't be happier. Puppies and mom are doing great.
    Puppy's pedigree

    Sire: C.I.B. & NORD & FI & S(u)&NO&DK&HU&EE CH, WW-08, EUW-08, NORDW-08, NordJW-07, FIN JW-07, FIW-10 "COOP" (CurlyCo Choco Storm)
    International Champion, World Winner, European Winner, Nordic Winner etc...
    Finland’s tracking Champion, Swedish Tracking Champion, Spaniel ability test passed
    FCI Hips A/C, Elbous 0/0, Eyes Clear, OFA heart clear

    Dam: C.I.B & NORD & BALTIC & FI & S(U)&NO&DK&EE<&LV&PL&HR&NLCH, KBHW-05, NORDW-06, FIW-07, SW-07, BALTICW-07, WA-09, WW-09, HELW-11, FIW-11 CurlyCo "SUNNY" (CurlyCo Riverdance)

    International Champion, World Winner, multi (10 x ) Campion, Multi Winner
    Holland IWS club show BEST IN SHOW 2011
    FCI Hips A/A, elbous 0/0, eyes Clear, OFA heart clear

    Pictures coming...

  • 23.3.2012 Wirehaired Dachshunds V-Fox -litter has born
    Last night has 3 male and 2 female puppies born from CurlyCo V-Fox-litter.

Puppy plans

Irish water spaniels / Wirehaired Dachshunds

INT & NORD & FIN & DK & N & S(u) & PL, LT & EST CH, KBHW-05, NORDW-06, SW-07, BALTW-07, FINW-07 CurlyCo Riverdance "Sunny"
(Foulby Burnt Out at Rossut - Starfish's First Lady)




Sari Vottonen


Sari Vottonen


Hips A/A (FCI)
Elbows 0/0 (FCI)
Eyes clean 7.12.2007
No changes in spin
DNA profile Finnzymes

CurlyCo Riverdance
CurlyCo Riverdance

CurlyCo Riverdance eli Sunny is a result of frozen semen from English male and she was the only puppy. Sunny started her show career in over 300 dogs puppy show being BIS 2 puppy.

Sunny has gained a lot of champion titles (International & Nordic & Finnish & Swedish & Norwegian & Danish & Polish & Latvian champion) and has several winners titles (Finnish winner 07, Swedish winner 07, Baltian winner 07, Nordic winner 06, Copenhagen winner 05). The last of her shows were our clubshow were she was Best bitch 2 just before mating.

Sunny is used for practical hunting and she is most highly awarded IWS in our breed and only bitch in spaniel hunting test. In tracking test Sunny is going to start after this litter.

According to her name Sunny is always sunny tail waiver and has very open character that she has passed finely to her offspring’s. Sunny always wants to be part of everything and do everything together with full power. Sunny has been very healthy for all her life.

Sunnys first litter (CurlyCo W-) were born 1.2.2007. The sire of the litter was Canadian Mystic Torin. Litter had 4 males. Despite of his young age CurlyCo Win Out is Junior World Winner 2008, and has several best male placements. Same male just passed Spaniels Ability Test for first attempt and was awarded in tracking test.

Sunnys another litter (CurlyCo A-) were born 14.7.2008. The sire of the litter was American male AM & AUST CH Whistlestop's Special Agent CD RN CGC "Gibbs". Litter had 4 males and 6 bitches.

Future plans:
CurlyCo Ace Of Hearts (Whislestop's Special Agent - CurlyCo Riverdance)
CurlyCo Charming Choice (Mystic Torin - CurlyCo Magic Mocha)
CurlyCo Of Course (Whislestop's Special Agent - Curlyco Charming Choice)

Wirehaired Dachshunds


SKIDI (CurlyCo Singing Fox) will be bred on 2012.

Skidi is co-owned bitch born on 2008 and lives with family Niina & Jarmo Pyyhtiä. Skidi was only 1,5 years old when reached on summer 2010 Finnish and Sweadish tracking champion title. Skidi's highest dog show evaluation is excellent.

More information about earlier litters from finnis page!

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