News 2008

  • 13.12.2008 Finnish Winner Show, Judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden
    COOP (Choco Storm) paras uros 3. vara - sertti.
    PAJATSO (Win Out) Paras uros 4.

  • 30.11.2008 Norsk Kennel Klubb avd. Trøndelag puppyshow
    JALA (Att the Moment) started second puppy show. Judge is Karl Eddie Berge, Norjasta (kennel Statesman) JALA was BOB and GROUP3. !!! Good jobb Jala & Marit!

  • 23.11.2008 HAMMAR, NORSK WINNER 2008
    COOP (Choco Storm) & COCO (Charming Choice) attended international dog show in Norge, Hammar. Breed judge was Tarja Hovila, Finland ( kennel Adamants). COOP won BOB and Norway Winner 2008- tittle.

  • 22.11.2008 HAMMAR, NORSK WINNER GAALA 2008
    Norwegian 32 best show dog's guest is Winner gaala. COOP (Choco Storm) is guest this gala!

  • 9.11.2008 In Denmark, Herning Nordic winner show - COOP NORDW-08
    All 8 IWSs from USA, Sweden, Denmark and England were judged by Rene Sporre-Willes from Sweden. BOB and Nordic Winner was COOP (Choco Storm), being only 1 year and 11 months.

    This year he has already won World Winner, European Winner and Nordic Winner titles. Great work for young dog who also gained Finnish and Swedish tracking champion titles! Huge thanks to Nina keeping Coop such a good condition for these trips!

  • 8.11.2008 Puppy show- Orkanger, Norge
    JALA (Att the Moment) started her show career. There were 2 IWS in the show. Jala was BOB and got lovely critique. Good jobb Jala & Marit!

  • 6.11.2008
    STORM (Arctic Storm) go new home... kennel Whistle Stop (Seattle, Usa).

  • 25.10.2008 SEINÄJOKI INT - COOP BOB
    COOP (Choco Storm) attended international dog show in Seinäjoki with Nina. Breed judge was Bjarne Sörensen from Norway. He also judged Mystic Torin while him spending time in Finland. Now his son won BOB. In the group ring Coop made cut among the 6.

  • 19.10.2008 Finnish Spaniel Special Show -
    Judge Rui Goncalves, Portugal

    PAJATSO (Win Out) Intermediate EX1.
    COOP (Choco Storm) Working EX1. Best male 2. CC
    COCO (Charming Choice) Intermediate VG1.

  • 18.10.2008 HAASTAJA (hunting test for young dogs)- PAJATSO into finals!
    PAJATSO (Win Out) attended in HAASTAJA hunting test for young dogs. This test is aimed for spaniels that are born in 2007 and 6 of the best dogs are selected into finals that is ran as original hunting test (SPME). I attended with him that gave a little bit more challenge for the competition because I am not training this dog.

    PAJATSO started with good and efficient fetch. Water work was also good. With a lot of excitement we waited for the results and surprise surprise PAJATSO was selected into finals! In the finals Pajatso got 2 good runs fetching pheasants in the area that other dog already used. In the last fetch Pajatso unfortunately went after pheasant, so that was that. There a lot of things to be trained but he showed excellent job to continue. Other finalists were more or less field types of dogs but Pajatso showed that successful show dog can also work.

    photo: Nina Menna

  • 17.10.2008 LITTER IS BORN - CurlyCo S... Fox litter
    During Friday night CurlyCo S- Fox aka dachshund litter (4 males and 3 bitches) sire being Jyrki from Seinäjoki and dam my bitch CurlyCo Rock N Fox aka Nipsu. More info. Still few available.

  • 14.10.2008 Official eye check-up
    PAJATSO (Win Out) was checked for the first time. No notifications about heritage eye deceases and extra mention about a very beautiful eyes.

  • 1.- 7.10.2008 HUNGARY - COOP EUROPEAN WINNER 2008 + 2x HU CH!
    COOP (Choco Storm), COCO (Charming Choice) and MOCHA (Magic Mocha) travelled to Hungary Budapest to attend on European Winner show and Spaniel Special show. During the weekend there were dogs from Holland, Ostrich, Finland and Italy. Judging was very interesting during the both days.
  • 5.10.2008 Hungary, Budapest Spaniel Special Show
    Judge Barbara Muller from Germany

    COOP (Choco Storm) was BOB and achieved HUNGARIAN CHAMPION title. COCO (Charming Choice) best bitch 2. with CC and achieved HUNGARIAN CHAMPION... First champions of C-litter are now achieved in the age of 1 year and 10 months. More sparkling.

  • 28.9.2008 Marianhamina INT Pajatso GROUP 3!
    PAJATSO (Win Out) & COCO (Charming Choice were shown under Branislav Rajic from Slovenia.

    PAJATSO best male 1, CC and CACIB and BOB. COCO best bitch 1, CC and CACIB and BOS. Group judge was highly appreciated Hans Lehtinen from Finland. In high level group Pajatso gained GROUP 3!

    Thank you Rhea for extreme travel companion.

  • 25.9.2008 Health result
    TARO (Chocolate Shot) official eye check-up => healthy, no heritage deceases

  • 20.9.2008 Pajatso & Coco Denmark Ballerup INT show
    PAJATSO (Win Out) & COCO (Charming Choice) travelled with me and Hanski and Arja to attend on dog show in Denmark. Dogs attending were from England, USA and Sweden. Breed judge was Kresten Scheel from Denmark. .

    Pajatso was BOB achieving CC and CACIB. Coco was best bitch 2.
    Thank you for the great trip!

  • 14.9.2008 Pajatso Spaniels Hunting Test (SPME) - Laitila
    PAJATSO (Win Out) ran in spaniels hunting test in Laitila. This time there were no birds. Better luck next time.

  • 8.9.2008 Elli attending driving test
    ELLI (Running Fox) stands up in regional champion ship test of driving for South of Finland 03.10.2008.

  • 5.9.2008 Healt result
    CHICO (Waterproof) was hip x-rayed with result B/B.

  • 31.8.2008 Luumäki LIMITED SHOWn
    TARO (Chocolate Shot) was shown while hunting in Luumäki where the judge was highly appreciated Elena Ruskovaara. Taro was BOB with CC. Now Taro is able to continue hunting season.

  • 30.8.2008 Dachshund camp in Punkalaidun
    ELLI (Running Fox) official eye check-up => healthy
    ELLI (Running Fox) breeding checked => Approved with reservations
    NIPSU (Rock N Fox) breeding checked => Approved.

  • 23.8.2008 CurlyCo- litter day
    During the litter day we met both old and new litter owners, thank you for all the visitors. More puppy pictures in gallery.

  • 17.8.2008 Blood Tracking test (Mejä) Sievi
    Nina must have been nervous in the morning... champion title in a cut....

    COOP (Choco Storm) did great work despite of windy weather with results of WINNERS CLASS 1st prize. 43 points. Coop achieved this way FINNISH AND SWEDISH TRACKING CHAMPION TITLES. COOP took part only five needed tests! This is the first time in our breed.

    Typically the show champion titles are the first ones.. Great work Nina & COOP, magnum Champagne is waiting for you!

  • 16.8.2008 Blood Tracking test (Mejä) Sievi
    COOP (Choco Storm) was able to run in tracking test in Sievi. Judge was Heikki Kulo. COOP did excellent job with result of WINNERS CLASS 1st prize, 49 points (max.50).! What a points! COOP was also the best dog in the test. Great work COOP & Nina! Still one more to achieve double champion title…

  • 16.8.2008 Kouvola all breed show Judge Harto Stockmari
    NOA (Milky Way) Best bitch 2.

  • 16.8.2008 Spaniels ability test in Pyhäntä
    VEKKU (Way To Go) took part for the really first time in spaniels ability test in Pyhäntä. Judge was Jaana Heiskari. Smells of game animals were today too interesting but other parts were totally fine. This couple are attending new test with new hopes!

  • 10.8.2008 Helsinki all breed show Judge Monique van Brempt from Belgia
    Breed judge was Monique van Brempt from Belgiasta. COOP:n (Choco Storm) was BOB with CC. In the group Coop was selected GROUP 2 under long line judge Eeva Rautala.

  • 10.8.2008 Blood tracking test " Jaalan Jälki"
    PAJATSO (Win Out) ran in rainy forest with Hanski with result of Open class 3rd prize, 20 points. Judge was Tuija Ketola.

  • 9.8.2008 Spaniels ability test Mikkeli
    SERE (Way to Fame) and CHICO (Waterproof) attended the test. Judge was Riitta Vilkman.

    Sere had unfortunately bad luck in water work, otherwise the test was completed perfectly.

    Chico ran with confidence in every part and showed lovely fast fetching. It was a pleasure to watch. I have ever seen this beautiful fetch in our breed. Chico with results SPA1.

  • 1-3.8.2008 Kuopio 3 x INT show
    3.8. On Sunday our judge was Douglas Johnson from USA (kennel Clussexx). According to his results in Finland we have a high quality spaniels.
    COOP (Choco Storm) Best male 1, CC and CACIB and BOS
    MOCHA (Magic Mocha) Champion VG

    2.8. On Saturday "Hasse" Hans Lehtinen.
    COOP (Choco Storm) Best male 1, CC and CACIB and BOS
    MOCHA (Magic Mocha) Champion EX

    1.8. On Friday Finnish judge Harri Lehkonen.
    COOP (Choco Storm) Best male 2, CC and reserved CACIB.
    Coops mam MOCHA (Magic Mocha) Best bitch 2. reserved CACIB

  • 27.7.2008 Pori Int
    Judge was totally new face Rita Reyniers from Belgian
    PAJATSO (Win Out) best male 2, reserve CC and reserve CACIB.
    MOCHA (Magic Mocha) best bitch 3.

  • 26.7.2008 Turku KR
    In Turku the breed was judge by structure judge Soile Bister.
    PAJATSO (Win Out) best male 1, CC and BOS.
    MOCHA (Magic Mocha) best bitch 1 and BOB.

    Mochas critique: Excellent totality, all over beautiful bitch with lovely head and expression. Good body, legs and proportions. First class coat. Lovely moment. Good character.

  • 19.7.2008 Ylivieska All Breed Show BIG 3.
    In Ylivieska All Breed Show both the breed and group was judged by Matti Tuominen.
    COOP (Choco Storm) took third time in row BOB and BIG3.

  • 14.7.2008 CurlyCo A- litter born 4+6
    We got great size litter from ’frozen semen’! Both sire and dam are prize winners in show and use! More information about the litter in their webpage. Still few puppies for active homes both in show and use.

  • 12-13.7.2008 Oulu International and All Breed Shows 2 x BIG 3.
    Oulu had a huge show weekend gathering together most of the successful show dog owners. Two large shows in one place during one weekend! Despite of the rainy weekend with the challenging environment Nina was able to keep Coop in show condition. GREAT work Coop and Nina.

    13.7. On Sunday the breed was judged under Christian Vantu from Romania. COOP (Choco Storm) was BOB and got CACIB. Group was judged under Jos de Cuyper from Belgia placing Coop BIG-3. COOP

    12.7. On Saturday Oulu International Dog Show breed was judged by Austrian Keith Lovell. COOP was BOB with CACIB. Group was judged by a old spaniel breeder Tarja Hovila (kennel Adamants) placing Coop BIG-3.

  • 6.7.2008 WORLD WINNER SHOW 2008 Stockholm, Sweden
    Altogether 45 IWS from several European coutries. The breed judge was Irish Harry O’Donaghue who has been judging in Finland in the 90’s when I was showing my Cindy (Starfish's Always Wet). The show was well organised and it was nice to see new dogs and friend around the world.

    Junior class started the show with 3 dogs and PAJATSO (Win Out) won the class and gained the JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2008 title. Being only dog in working class COOP (Choco Storm) won the class, continuing first winner the CC competition and right after the WORLD WINNER 2008 title.

    I must admit that despite the hard competition boys greatly did what was expected! Thank you for bringing these boys showing their best and congratulations for their titles! All results here.

  • 22.06.2008 Rovaniemi International Dog Show,
    Judge was Jo Schepers from Netherland.

    COOP (Choco Storm) Best Male 2. and reserved CACIB.

  • 21.06.2008 Sweden, Gällivare International Dog Show,
    The breed was judged under Ing-Marie Hagelin from Sweden.

    COOP (Choco Storm) Best Male 2. and reserved-CACIB

  • 19.6.2008 Suddenly a huge sorrow
    JIMI (Mocha Master) was hit by a car 6:20 a.m. and died instantly. Great person is gone. This was a dog you will have only once in a life time.

    Jimiä is missed by several friends around the world who have seen him at home and abroad. Jimis lines will be seen in the breed pedigrees.

  • 15.6.2008 Blood Tracking Test, Skellefteå, Sweden.
    The test was judge by Swedish Gunhilt Björne.

    COOP (Choco Storm) runned in Ordinarie Viltspår Prov (blood tracking test) gaining 1st prize. (Pictures for test)

    This result will wait until he gains Finnish Tracking Champion title. Well done Coop & Nina! Great work for this young dog!!

  • 5-9.6.2008 Trip to Norway, Trondheim International Dog Show and Oslo Blood Tracking Test
    We left with JIMI (Mocha Master), MOCHA (Magic Mocha) & COOP (Choco Storm) towards active weekend in Norway. On Saturday we were in International Dog Show in Norway and Sunday after driving all night in Oslo Blood Tracking Test.

    Thanks for Saija being good travel mate and Hanna for all the help and morning coffees.

  • 8.6.2008 Norway, Oslo, Blood Tracking Test Oslo og Omegn dachshundklubb

    JIMI (Mocha Master) ja COOP (Choco Storm) participated in the test. The day was very warm. There were altogether 16 dogs from Norway, Sweden and Finland. The test was greatly organised with a nice atmosphere. Thank you for letting us be part of this test!

    COOP started being the first dog of the day. The judge was Arvid Fjallandbo gaining 2nd prize.
    JIMI started a last dog under judge Stig Thorsen.

  • 8.6.2008 Spaniels Ability Test in Ruovesi
    PAJATSO (Win Out) participated for the first time in Spaniels Ability Test (SPA) in Ruovesi. Judge was Liisa Pajala. Pajatso passed the test with flying colours! Great work Pajatso & Hanski!

  • 7.6.2008 Norway, Trondheim, International Dog Show

    IWS were judged under C.A Coode from England.
    COOP (Choco Storm) was BOB with CC and CACIB

After a long day Coop did the history of the breed in Norway by winning the whole group, BIG-1. Unfortunately we were not able to stay in BIS competitions. This spring Coop has been placed highly in the group both in Finland and Sweden and now in Norway.

  • 3.6.2008 Official eye control
    JIMI (Mocha Master) was 3rd time checked
    COCO (Charming Choice) 1st time checked.

    No hereditary eye deceases detected and got not of their beautiful eyes.

  • 1.6.2008 Sweden, Piteå, International Dog Show,
    The judge was Henri Henrik Frykstrand from Sweden.

    JIMI (Mocha Master) was BOB with CACIB gaining SWEDISH SHOW CHAMPION TITLE S (u) CH and COCO (Charming Choice) 1/1.

    After breed ring we headed home, no time for group ring this time.

  • 25.5.2008 Hamina International Dog Show
    There were altogher 10 IWSs. The breed was judged under Reia Leikola-Walden.
    COOP (Choco Storm) Best Male1, CC and CACIB
    In the group COOP had hard competition and was placed BIG-2!

    Great thanks for Heidi for all the help getting Coop in the ring during the weekend.

  • 24.5.2008 Helsinki Aptus International Dog Show
    Our judge was highly respected Sari Brewster Tietjen from USA.
    COOP (Choco Storm) was only dog gaining EXELLENT at the same time being BOB with CC and CACIB.

  • 24.5.2008 Kannus Blood Tracking Test
    Traditional IWS Tracking Weekend was judged under Jouni Simonen.
    PAJATSO (Win Out) runned Open Class 2nd prize with 36 / 50 points gaining the best open class points of the day! W –litter trophy is now achieved by Pajatso. More bubbly drinks when trophy is given.

  • 18.5.2008 Himanka Blood Tracking Test,
    The test was judge by Sakari Kankaanpää.

    COOP (Choco Storm) runned for the first time in Winners Class gaining 1st prize with 43/50 points. Great work Nina and Coop, still 2 to go!

  • 18.5.2008 Oripää Blood Tracking Test
    PAJATSO (Win Out) runned for the first time in tracking test. The judge was Tuija Sällylä. This time a lot of experiences and more training with Open Class -.

  • 11.5.2008 Rauma All Breed Show,
    The breed was judged under August De Wilde from Belgia.

    MICI (Mister Twister) Best Male 2.
    NOA (Milky Way) Best Bitch 2.

  • 10.5.2008 IWS Club Show Helsinki
    Judge was appreciated and top IWS breeder Ancela Williams, Kennel Foulby from England. Ancela had bred a lot of successful IWS during past years. Sunnyn (Riverdance) sire is Foulby dog. 38 IWS attended.

    Great day! with great results from young dogs! Coop was Best Male with CC. Sunny Best Bicth 2. Coco Best Bicth 3. Nekku BIS 4. veteran. Thank you for helping with my dogs! Special thanks for KEBO (kennel boy).

    PAJATSO (Win Out) Junior excellent 2 (excellent)
    TARO (Chocolate Shot) Intermediate very good 1 (very good)
    COOP (Choco Storm) Working excellent 1, BEST MALE 1, CC, BOS, BIS working dog
    JIMI (Mocha Master) Champion excellent 3 (excellent)
    COCO (Charming Choice) Junior excellent 1, BEST BITCH 3.
    NOA (Milky Way) Working excellent 3 (excellent)
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Working excellent 1, BEST BITCH 2.
    MOCHA (Magic Mocha) Champion excellent (excellent)
    NEKKU (Strarfish's First Lady) BOB veteran and BEST IN SHOW 4.- VETERAN
    CURLYSO breeders class 2. honours priz
    NEKKU (Strarfish's First Lady) 2. honours prize

    COCO (Charming Choice) BEST JUNIOR

    COOP (Choco Storm) BEST BARREL

  • 7.5.2008 Himanka, Blood Tracking Test, Judge was Torsten Lerstrand
    COOP (Choco Storm) runned in Open Class with the result of 1st prize 47 / 50 points. Great! Nice work Nina & Coop! This moved him to Winners Class!

  • 1.5.2008 Sievi, Blood Tracking Test, Judge was Sakari Kankaanpää.,
    COOP (Choco Storm) spent his labour day in blood tracking test running the result of Open Class 1st prize 44 / 50 points. Way to go! C –litter trophy is now earned by Coop, more bubbly drinks while we meet!

  • 26.4.2008 Vaasa International Dog Show,
    IWS were judged under Swedish Kurt Nilsson.

    COOP (Choco Storm) best male 2, CC and reserv- Cacib.

  • 19.4.2008 Jyväskylä International Dog Show,
    Judge was Lisbeth Campbell from Norway.

    COOP (Choco Storm) best male 1, CC, CACIB and BOB.

  • 5.4.2008 Lestijärvi Limited Show, Judge was Lena Danker
    COOP (Choco Storm) with great critique best male 1, CC and BOB.

  • 5.4.2008 Pertunmaa Limited Show, Judge was Elena Ruskovaara
    SERE (Way to Fame) first time showing with very good 1.
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best bitch and BOB

  • 23.03.2008 Lappeenranta International Dog Show,
    Judge was Marija Kavcic from Slovenia

    TARO (Chocolate Shot) first time showing with the result of Best Male 1, CC and CACIB and BOS
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Bitch 1, CACIB and BOB
    COCO (Charming Choice) Best Bitch 2, CC.

  • 16.3.2008 TAMPERE, International Dog Show,
    Judge was Richard Beauchamp, USA

    COOP (Choco Storm) Best Male 1, CC, CACIB and BOS
    PAJATSO (Win Out) Best Male 3, reserv –CC
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Bitch 3
    COCO (Charming Choice) Best Bitch 4, reserv -CC
    CurlyCo Breeders class 2. honours prize

  • 1.3.2008 PITEÅ, Sweden, Special Show for Spaniels and Retrievers
    Judge was Eeva Rautala, Finland

    COOP (Choco Storm) Best Male 1, CC and BOB
    MOCHA (Magic Mocha) Best Bitch 1, CC and BOS achieving SWEDISH SHOW CHAMPION TITLE
    COOP finally BIS - WORKING DOG & BIS 3.

  • 27.1.2008 Turku, International Dog Show,
    IWS were judged under Anja Puumala, Finland

    COOP (Choco Storm) Best Male 1, CC, CACIB and BOS
    PAJATSO (Win Out) Very Good 2
    SUNNY (Riverdance) Best Bitch 4

  • 7.1.2008 CurlyCo Murphy's Stout "Miro" has been confirmed as International Show Champion. Miro took part in only five shows to gain the INT CH title. Out of her mother Starfish's First Lady's offspring he is the fifth puppy to be INT CH, which is half of the offspring in all. Thank You Liisa, that I've been able to take Miro out to shows and congratulations of the new INT CH title!

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